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Because a healthy you is equal to a happy family.
Good health is the key to a happy successful life but today it remains the most neglected asset.

Thanks to the irregular working hours, poor eating habits, high stress levels and inadequate sleep, health has just taken a back seat in modern lives.

Its high time healthcare gets its due position in our lives. This is where Renew Medical Centre steps in.

Holistic Healthcare solutions

At Renew Medical Centre, Bangalore, every individual and his health concerns are treated as unique.

Prior to any sort of treatment or medical advice, every individual goes through a tête-à-tête session with the medical professional of the centre which in turn helps understand the fears, anxieties and apprehensions of the individual pertaining to his health.


Dr. Syed Naveed Ahmed’s Renew Medical Centre has a proven track record in the field of alternative treatment methods such as Ozone therapy, Chelation therapy, EECP and Erectile Dysfunction which are used for post stroke management, joint pain and alternative treatments for heart disease. The Centre has sophisticated imported machines and other facilities with well experienced and trained crews who don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to service.

Booking an appointment with Dr. Syed Naveed Ahmed

In association with Gateway Malabar Holidays, individuals can easily register an appointment with Dr. Syed Naveed Ahmed. The company’s Arabic speaking representatives will accompany the individuals to the centre making the entire process easy and hassle free.

About Gateway Malabar Holidays

Gateway Malabar Holidays is one of the leading holiday companies in India, handling thousands of Arab travelers every year which has made us the pioneers in this field. We have our branch office at Bangalore with a special division functioning towards medical tourism. Gateway Malabar Holidays maintains good business relationships with all major hospitals in the city with a staff well versed in Arabic language and Arab customs.

Our Services

Accommodation in Bangalore

Since we have tie-ups with major hotels, apartments and resorts in the city, Gateway Malabar Holidays can arrange a stay in any category of hotels with the best available rates during the course of treatment. We also offer full-fledged service apartments that provide highest quality of service as you renew your mind, body and soul. With Gateway Malabar Holidays, accommodation in Bangalore is nothing but a cakewalk.

Transportation in Bangalore

Transportation in Bangalore can be challenging with its traffic and large city expanse. But with Gateway Malabar Holidays fleet of vehicles and Arab speaking drivers, individuals will not have to face any kind of hassle while travelling in Bangalore. Escorted by drivers right at the point of arrival to departure Gateway Malabar Holidays ensures that conveyance in Bangalore is safe, reliable and devoid of stress.

Exclusive Services Offered

Ozone Therapy

In this treatment Ozone or supercharged form of oxygen is administered to the individual to increase the oxygen flow in the body. An ozone generator is used to produce this ozone gas from pure medical grade oxygen. The machine in turn produces a precise concentration of ozone gas (usually no more than 5%) which is then used as a part of the oxygen ozone treatment session. This ozone being unstable has the tendency to attach itself to pathogens in the human body and neutralize them. This unique property makes the therapy effective in both over and under active immune systems.

The ozone therapy in Bangalore at the Renew Medical Centre has many a success stories to share, as this powerful treatment has powerful disease reversing and anti-aging benefits when used correctly.


  • Increases oxygen delivery to cells, tissues, & organs
  • Increases blood circulation throughout the body
  • Detoxification
  • Activates and modulates the immune system
  • Accelerates wound healing


The only non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment approved by USFDA, External Counter Pulsative Treatment is widely used to bring relief to patients suffering from coronary artery disease, chest pain and poor heart function. In this treatment new pathways are developed around blocked arteries in the heart by expanding networks of tiny blood vessels which increase and normalize blood flow to the heart muscle.


  • Serves as alternative treatment for stroke
  • Simple, safe and risk free
  • Doesn’t require overnight hospitalisation


Chelation therapy is a medical procedure that involves the administration of chelating agents to remove heavy metals from the body. The chelating agent used in this treatment is EDTA. Chelation Therapy for heart disease has considerably restored heart function and quality of life.

  • Treats and reverses many degenerative illness
  • Improves body function
  • Treats cardio vascular disease
  • Improves blood circulation


Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF, is a reparative technique most commonly used in the field of orthopedics for the treatment of non-union fractures, failed fusions and depression. In the case treatment of bone healing, PEMF device directs pulsed magnetic fields through injured tissue which stimulates cellular repair.


  • Non invasive, safe and easy
  • Provides pain relief


Stem Cell Therapy is the use of stem cells to prevent a disease or a condition. This treatment namely uses bone marrow transplant or the umbilical cord blood. The Renew Medical Centre offers one of the bestStem Cell Therapy in India.

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