Wayanad – Land of Paddy Fields

The source of the word Wayanad is Vayal (paddy) Naad (land), and so called the Land of Paddy Fields. It is 700 to 2100 Meters above mean sea level. A large area of the district is covered by forest, so creates a pleasant climate in the region. Hill stations, spice plantation, rich cultural heritage, sub-tropical savannahs all form a part of the varied wide. We can also find some of the oldest tribes here. The leading tourist centres of South India like Ooty, Mysore, Coorg, Kozhikode and Kannur are around this region. Wayanad is one of the districts in Kerala, which retain its pristine nature and has much to offer the ardent nature lover.

Places to see in Wayanad

Pookottu Lake: – Pookottu Lake is the major fresh water lake which is surrounded by thick woods and trees. Near to the lake there is recreation centre especially for children. Boating facilities are also available here. After boating, you can also visit the fresh water aquarium or simply shop at the handicrafts and spice emporium.

Edakkal Caves: – The Edakkal caves situated in the remote location are not only interesting tourist spots but also archeological treasure troves. These caves contain drawings that date back to 5000BC. It relives the ancient period through fine walls paintings that depict the prehistoric lifestyle very accurately and artistically.

Kuruva Island: – The Island which is uninhabited is covered with dense evergreen forest and exotic flora-fauna. The ambience of the island is one of tranquility filled with the chirps of birds and buzz of bees.


Meenmutti waterfall: – It is one of the gorgeous falls in Wayanad just 29 km far from the Wayanad Kalpetta. It is known to fall from a height of about 300mtrs in three separate tiers.

Soochipara falls: – Soochipara waterfall which is sourrounded by the thick Deciduous Evergreen and Montane forest is a three- tiered waterfall in vellarimala. It is also known as Sentinel Rock Waterfalls. Soochipara provides a refreshing location and joins the famous Chaliyar River.

Kanthanpara falls: – Kanthanpara fall which is comparatively smaller than Soochipara fall is not very familiar to outside world. The maximum height of the fall is 30 mtr. The bamboo forest surrounded by the falls adds the beauty to this fall.