5 Reasons to Enjoy Kerala Monsoon This Year

Are you tired of the heat? Want the summers to end soon? If so, you must know about the amazing Kerala monsoon packages offered these days. There is no place better than the god’s own city to enjoy the monsoon to the fullest. If you need reasons on why you should enjoy monsoon in Kerala this year then this list will surely help you out.
1. Kerala monsoonRomance Magnifies: Rains increase the beauty of Kerala’s scenic views. If you are a romantic at heart, the greener forests, the sweet smell of mud and the voice of rain would make you more loving towards your lover. So, all the newlyweds or romantic couples should enjoy the romance in the air at Kerala during monsoon.
2. Festival Spreads Happiness: Onam is an important festival of Kerala that can be enjoyed during August- September. During this festival, the beauty of the place increases manifolds due to the colorful flower carpets, decorated temples and traditional dresses worn by all.
3.Kerala monsoon houseboat Solitude Becomes Amazing: Imagine yourself sitting in a house boat and seeing the rain fall around you and enhance the beauty of backwaters. You won’t feel lonely even if you are alone and the peace and beauty this experience offers you will make you happier and relaxed that you would have never felt in the hustle bustle of city life.
4. Adventure Persists: If you have an adventurous soul then the Monsoon Kerala has will prompt you to try water sports such as diving, boating, and parasailing. All these activities would exhilarate you when you are enjoying them in the cool air and the sweet smelling rains.
5. Detoxifying becomes Heavenly: Finally, if you wish to get a spa treatment, ayurvedic treatment etc to detoxify your body, there is no better time than the rainy season as your body’s pores will open up and absorb more oil due to the cleaner air and moist weather. Try it and see for yourself.
For those of you who don’t know, Kerala has two rainy seasons, Edavapathy that arrives in June and Thulavarsham that arrives during October. You can enjoy the most in both the seasons as continuous rains are rare during this time. You can enjoy sun and rain together and make your holiday more memorable.
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Best Places To Visit In Munnar

Kerala has been rightly named ‘God’s Own Country’ as it boasts of mesmerising places where you can explore the true colours and beauty of nature. One such place, which is nothing less than paradise, is Munnar. This hill station rewards tourists with spectacular revelations in the form of large stretches of silent mountains, lush green tea plantations and dense forests. Munnar is known to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. If you are a first timer, you should definitely go through this list of best places to visit in Munnar:
1. Mattupetty Dam
This place is a must visit for all the scenic lovers. The still waters of the dam reflect a beautiful image of the tea garden, which surrounds the dam. A beautiful lake is present in the vicinity of the dam, where you can enjoy boating. Adventure lovers are also sure to have a great time here with activities, such as, speed boating, organised by the Tourism Promotion Council of Idukki (Munnar) and trekking in the nearby Shola forest.
2. Kolukkumalai Tea Estate
The Kolukkumalai tea estate, situated at a height of 7,900 feet above sea level, is considered to be the highest tea plantations in the world. This tea estate is an epitome of beauty. Due to the high altitude, the tea that is grown here has a special flavour and freshness.
3. Echo Point
The Echo Point is another amazing place which you should definitely not miss out if you are visiting Munnar. The Echo Point has got its name due to the natural echo that one can hear resonating in the hills. Visitors get to witness a beautiful scenery from this point, which includes, hills covered with mist and the lush green surroundings.
4. Attukal Waterfalls
Situated 9 kms. away from the Munnar town, the beauty of this waterfall lies in the fact that it is situated in the midst of beautiful terrains and dense forests. Visitors can get to the waterfall by a wooden bridge. Besides its splendid beauty, this spot is also great for trekking and hiking.
5. Top Station
This is considered to be the highest point in Munnar situated at a height of 1700 metres above sea level. The Top Station can also be called a photographer’s delight due to its picturesque views. The rare, Neelakurinji plants, which bloom only once in 12 years, is found at this spot. It rewards a panoramic view of the splendid Western Ghats and the valley of Theni district in the state of Tamil Nadu.
6. Rajamala
This small hill station, which provides a breathtaking scenic view, is situated at a height of 8,983 feet above sea level. The rare species of Nilgiri goat is found in this area. The mesmerising beauty of the mountains will make you fall in love with this place.
7. Devikulam
This hill station, situated 8 kms away from Munnar, promises to provide a perfect scenic view of the lush lawns, the beautiful flora and fauna and cool breeze from the mountains. This proves to be a good picnic spot with the Sitadevi Lake situated nearby.
8. Eravikulam National Park
This is considered to be the most popular destinations in Munnar Kerala, which is home to the rare Nilgiri Tahr and various rare species of plants and flowers. Spread over an area of 97sq. km., this park is situated in the Kannan Devan hills.

‘Beauty at its best’ – this is the phrase which best describes this hill station in Kerala. The above mentioned places are some of the best places to visit in Munnar, but, these places are just a preview of the real charm of this place. Munnar has reached a long way from being one of the leaders in the tea production sector to becoming one of the most popular tourist attractions. Munnar is, undoubtedly, the best place to visit if you wish to celebrate the spirit of a holiday or if you wish to make your honeymoon a memorable experience.

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Kerala Tour Packages From Saudi Arabia

Taking a break from your busy life is extremely essential to provide some relaxation to the mind and body. There is no other place, better than, ‘Gods’s Own Country’, Kerala, where you can get lost in the serenity of nature. One of the places from where most number of visitors come to Kerala is Saudi Arabia, as a result of which, the companies offering Kerala tour packages from Saudi Arabia have achieved soaring success.

People plan to go on a trip due to different reasons, such as:

  • Sight-seeing
  • Adventure
  • Health
  • Peace of mind
  • Family time

Different members of the family will have different opinions about which place they should plan a trip to, but, a plan will be perfect only if all the members of the family are happy with the decision. Kerala is one such place which offers a great experience for everyone. The different types of Kerala tour packages that are available are:

  • Backwater tour packages

kerala backwater blogThe backwaters in Kerala will leave you wanting for more. Packages involving backwater tours are extremely popular as they give you the real feel of this beautiful state.

  • Houseboat tour packages

One of the most popular tour packages in Kerala is the one involving houseboat trips. These trips reward you with a beautiful experience and will leave you tempting for more.

Spending some quality time with your family is one of the most important reasons why one plans a trip. It helps in strengthening the bond with your family members. If you are going with your family, it will be best to choose tour packages which include places, such as, Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey and Kumarakom.

Kerala is the best place to start a new phase of your life with your loved one. The beautiful hills of Munnar, the mesmerising backwaters of Alleppey and the breathtaking beaches of Kovalam provide the perfect ambience for a romantic honeymoon.

Kerala has become one of the most popular tourist destinations all over the world, especially for those living in Saudi Arabia. Due to this increasing popularity, the frequency of flights between different cities of Saudi Arabia, such as, Jeddah, Madinah, Riyadh, Dammam and different cities in Kerala, such as, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode has been on the rise.

Vallamkali Boat Race In Kerala

One of the prominent reasons why Kerala has been awarded the name of ‘God’s Own Country’ is the vast stretch of beaches and beautiful backwaters that enhance the beauty of this state. Due to the large number of beaches and backwaters, water sports are extremely popular in this state and one of the most famous water sports in Kerala is boat race, also known as, Vallamkali. Boat races are one of the major reasons which attract tourists from all over the world to this mesmerising state. These Vallamkali boat races provide a boost to the Kerala tourism.

The race course is spread across 1,370 meters, which is divided into numerous tracks for the competition. An amazing fact about this competition is that the boats which take part in them are at least 100 feet long. This race is also known as snake boat race because when the boats move along the tracks, they look like snakes moving around. The oarsmen splash the oars in unison to the rhythmic chants and beats of drums, setting the track on fire.

Some of the most popular Vallamkali boat races Kerala are:

  • Champakulam Moolam Boat Race

The entire season of boat races starts with the Champakulam Moolam boat race. This boat race, which is considered to be one of the most popular and one of the most ancient boat races in Kerala, takes place in Champakulam, which is a beautiful village in the Alappuzha district of Kerala.

  • Nehru Trophy Boat Race

This boat race, which takes place annually, is conducted on the backwaters of Punnamada in Alappuzha district of Kerala. The name of this boat race is dedicated to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who after visiting this place, was so much impressed with the boat race that he instituted a trophy for this competition – The Nehru Trophy, which is a silver model of a snake boat.

  • Aranmula Boat Race

This boat race takes place during the most celebrated festivals of Kerala – Onam. This boat race, which is dedicated to Lord Krishna and Arjuna, consists of boats which are decorated with flags and ornamental umbrellas.

  • Payippad Jalotsavam

This boat race, which takes place over a period of three days, is considered to be one of the finest boat races in Kerala. It is conducted on the Payippad lake, which is situated 35 km. from the Alappuzha district.

The Snake boat race or Vallamkali highlights the true spirit of the Kerala. If you wish to witness the perfect combination of beauty and fervour, you should definitely attend the boat race or Vallamkali in Kerala.