5 Reasons to Enjoy Kerala Monsoon This Year

Are you tired of the heat? Want the summers to end soon? If so, you must know about the amazing Kerala monsoon packages offered these days. There is no place better than the god’s own city to enjoy the monsoon to the fullest. If you need reasons on why you should enjoy monsoon in Kerala this year then this list will surely help you out.
1. Kerala monsoonRomance Magnifies: Rains increase the beauty of Kerala’s scenic views. If you are a romantic at heart, the greener forests, the sweet smell of mud and the voice of rain would make you more loving towards your lover. So, all the newlyweds or romantic couples should enjoy the romance in the air at Kerala during monsoon.
2. Festival Spreads Happiness: Onam is an important festival of Kerala that can be enjoyed during August- September. During this festival, the beauty of the place increases manifolds due to the colorful flower carpets, decorated temples and traditional dresses worn by all.
3.Kerala monsoon houseboat Solitude Becomes Amazing: Imagine yourself sitting in a house boat and seeing the rain fall around you and enhance the beauty of backwaters. You won’t feel lonely even if you are alone and the peace and beauty this experience offers you will make you happier and relaxed that you would have never felt in the hustle bustle of city life.
4. Adventure Persists: If you have an adventurous soul then the Monsoon Kerala has will prompt you to try water sports such as diving, boating, and parasailing. All these activities would exhilarate you when you are enjoying them in the cool air and the sweet smelling rains.
5. Detoxifying becomes Heavenly: Finally, if you wish to get a spa treatment, ayurvedic treatment etc to detoxify your body, there is no better time than the rainy season as your body’s pores will open up and absorb more oil due to the cleaner air and moist weather. Try it and see for yourself.
For those of you who don’t know, Kerala has two rainy seasons, Edavapathy that arrives in June and Thulavarsham that arrives during October. You can enjoy the most in both the seasons as continuous rains are rare during this time. You can enjoy sun and rain together and make your holiday more memorable.
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